Foam Configurator

“At TECSAFE, it all started with the custom planning of foam inserts.”

Our services are built around the planning and design of foam inserts. Customers can use our configurator for independent online planning according to their needs.

The online configurator has all the setting options required to plan even the most sophisticated of foam inserts. Easy access using any modern web browser – without having to download and install any software whatsoever – makes the configurator extremely versatile. Customers can use it at work or at home.

Over the years, we have factored the experiences of thousands of users into the ongoing development of the SchaumDesigner software. This has resulted in impressive intuitive handling throughout the planning process and means absolutely no previous knowledge or technical skills are required. What’s more, our system offers a multitude of detailed setting and optimisation options to meet the highest demands.


Contour Capture

Simply photograph items on a mobile phone. Our software automatically identifies the contours and makes your items available in your very own catalogue for planning purposes.

More Information

Independent Planning with SchaumDesigner

You can use our intuitive SchaumDesigner software to plan your foam insert independently based on your needs.


Fast, Cost-Efficient Production

Our digital production workflows support fast, cost-efficient production of your foam inserts, all the way down to a batch size of one.


Finished Foam Insert

Following meticulous quality control, you will receive your unique foam insert in a matter of days.

“We ensure cost-efficient production of any quantity our customers require – all the way down to a batch size of one.”

The Perfect Fit
Laser Lettering for Clear Assignment
Labelling for Rapid Identification
Indentation Strategies and Stepped Profiles for Any Application
Grip Recesses and Pressing Points for Rapid Access
Documentation and Audit Certainty
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Our professional sales and engineering team offers our customers the advice they need to produce even the most sophisticated solutions.
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